RB26 to RB25 Power Steer Pump Pulley

Converted your GTR to RWD? Removed the bulky HICAS system? Running an RB25 R33 Power Steering Pump? Throwing power steering belts? Get the simplest solution on the market, a Press-On Power Steer Pulley to compensate for the power steering belt offset differences between the RB25 and RB26 engines.

$185.00 AUD

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Nissan RB26 2 Wheel Steer Conversion pulley – HICAS Delete

Key features:

  • Accommodates the difference in power steering belt offset between the RB26 and RB25 (R33GTS-T)
  • Allows the use of the RB25 R33GTS-T Power Steering Pump with an RB26 Crank Pulley
  • Design includes Pulley Shields to maintain proper belt alignment in adverse conditions
  • Precision machined 17mm bore
  • Designed and manufactured in-house using CMM, 3D modeling and state of the art multi-axis CNC technology
  • Manufactured from aerospace grade aluminium
  • Anodized gloss black for corrosion resistance

Note; These pulleys are ONLY compatible with R33GTS-T RB25DET Power Steering Pump and Bracket.

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