Operating at a high level, looking for the edge. Everyone is seeking, wanting, pushing the limits of performance. To perform at your peak everything must align, must be just right, must be precise.

Ross Performance Parts are design and manufacturing experts. We specialise in advanced high performance engine protection kits – just what you need to keep your expensive engine safe when shooting for big numbers. Our in house design team are passionate about creating solutions to ensure that your showpiece is performing at its peak.

With the advancement of combustion engines, harmonic dampers have become an integral component for maintaining and achieving engine longevity, and this is where the journey started for Ross Performance Parts in 1981. With the ever increasing demand for bigger, faster, stronger engines our product range has evolved to include EFI triggering and dry sump oiling systems. A Ross Performance Parts protection kit will add the finishing touches to your engine build.

Made in Australia supporting enthusiasts around the world. Feel free to look around and check us out. If you have any questions or suggestions connect with us. We’d love to hear from you!