Nissan RB Crank Timing Pulley and shields

The original Nissan RB OEM Crank Timing Pulley was designed at a time when 500hp was big power. Today, with engines now regularly achieving over 1000hp, the forces exerted on the crank snout have increased immensely. This can result in a huge increase in fretting between the bolted components on the end of the crank. As the soft OEM washers wear thin, the clamping force on the crank bolt loosens, which allows movement and vibration – increasing fretting and wear on your crank snout, damper and timing gear.

Ross Performance Parts Crank Timing Pulley and Washers are machined from a higher grade carbon steel than OE and come complete with M6 extraction holes and TDC locator. The washers also have an increased wall thickness and are designed to seat into our Timing Gear, providing a larger contact area between these two critical items.

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Nissan RB Crank Timing Gear with hardened shields

  • Pulleys and Shields made from high carbon steel
  • Precision cut tooth profile
  • 2 x M6 tapped holes ensure removal is a simple task
  • Corrosion protected with a hot phosphate coating process

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