Dry Sump Oil Tank

Oil starvation is bad in any circumstance, but it always hurts more when you’re on a long corner of your fastest lap yet; and it always happens on a fast lap, when everything else goes to plan and you’re able to push a little faster.

Complete your Dry Sump Oil System and ensure your engine has a constant supply of oil, even under increased G’s, with a remote oil reservoir. Know that your engine will take what you throw at it and #SendItWithConfidence.


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Dry Sump Oil Reservoir

Key Features:

  • Internally baffled – reducing oil slosh.
  • Large vertical reservoir – ensuring constant supply of oil to oil pickup.
  • Flexible plumbing options – improving weight distribution.
  • Internal air-oil separation technology – coarse & fine baffles PLUS cylindrical oil return to remove air as oil is returned to reservoir.
  • Two half construction for easy cleaning.

Note: Ross Performance Parts does not supply hoses or hose fittings due to the variations of each vehicle set up.

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Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 80 × 35 × 51 cm