Nissan RB Wet Sump Trigger Kit (Twin Cam)

Avoid the inherent oiling and timing issues seen in Nissan RB performance engines with a Ross Performance Parts RB Twin Cam Wet Sump Trigger Kit.

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Nissan RB Twin Cam Single Stage External Oil pump system with Crank & Cam Trigger Setup  

  • Nissan RB Harmonic Damper with 12 or 36-2 Tooth Integrated Trigger Disc
    • Integrated 12T & 36T Crank Triggers available off the shelf, please contact us for custom profiles.
    • Trigger profiles cut using micron accurate EDM wire cutting technology to ensure a clean signal for ignition timing 
    • Bonded using our proprietary Ross Tuffbond process, incorporating anti-vibration, anti-tear natural rubber
    • Laser etched 360° timing marks
  • Nissan RB Crank Angle Sensor Mount (306000-75) OR Nissan RB Crank Angle Sensor Mount to Suit Girdle (306000-75-SP1) – SP1 mounting spigots are 10mm shorter than standard
  • Nissan RB Cam Angle Sensor Mount (306000-74)
  • Nissan RB Twin Cam Trigger (306000-73)
  • GT101 Hall Effect Sensors (992GT101) OR Cherry Hall Effect Sensors (992CHERRY)
  • Nissan RB (Twin Cam) Head Drain Adaptor (306000-16)
  • Nissan RB Oil Pump Left Hand Mounting Bracket (306000-18)
  • Nissan RB Oil Return Adaptor (Remote Oil Filter Set-up) (306000-25-1)
  • Universal Dry Sump Drive Adaptor with 19T HTD Pulley (991000-19HTD)
  • Aluminium Weld In Oil Pick Up (306002-15-01) (Optional)
  • 38T HTD Oil Pump Pulley with Pulley Shields (991038)
  • 8mm HTD Oil Pump Drive Belt – 576mm x 20mm (993576-8M-20)
  • Aviaid Single Stage External Oil Pump – LH Mounting with 1 x 1.5″ Pressure (9950110-3800)

Note: The External Oil Pump Mounts in the OEM air conditioner location. A/C Must be removed to install this setup.

This Kit is designed to suit the following engines; Nissan RB20DET, Nissan RB25 NEO, Nissan RB25 R33, Nissan RB26 R32 GTR, Nissan RB26 R33 GTR and Nissan RB26 R34 GTR
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Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 33 × 30 × 30 cm