Ross Tuffbond Harmonic Dampers

Ross Performance Parts Harmonic Dampers create an inter-molecular bond between the special formula rubber and the metal damper mass assembly achieving improved vibration damping and service life. All Ross Performance Parts harmonic dampers exceed ANDRA and SFI specifications.

Ross Performance Parts Tuffbond Harmonic Dampers

Ross Tuffbond Metal Jacket

The Metal Jacket utilises the proprietary Ross Tuffbond elastomeric bonding process. This unit is designed with all of the original accessory pulley’s being utilised in the standard positions and sizing ratios. In some instances, the power steering pulley is slightly under driven to improve performance at high RPM, whilst not affecting low-speed drivability.

Metal Jacket dampers are designed for high-performance street and occasional track application.

Ross Tuffbond Race Series

The Race Series takes the proprietary Ross Tuffbond technology to another level.

The Race Series has a larger damper mass, lightweight pulley packs with under driven ratios and a separate damper hub. This high-level modular design allows for infinite variations for an array of applications. With the heart of the Ross Race Series having been developed over many years in conjunction with some of the leaders of the high-performance racing industry in their pursuit for excellence.

Ross Tuffbond Gold Series

With the number of genuine 1000HP race vehicles growing all the time, Ross Performance Parts is staying ahead of the game.

The Gold Series is based on the design principles of the Race Series, however, by using a dissimilar material (compared to your crank) for our damper hub, a Ross Performance Parts Gold Series damper will eliminate microscopic migration of material between the surfaces of the crank nose and damper hub. Our technology is pivotal to the prevention of galling and wear of the crankshaft – maintaining a secure press fit over the lifetime of the damper.

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