Nissan VK56 Crank Trigger Disc

$280.00 AUD

In their infinite wisdom, Nissan thought it a good idea to place the crank trigger for their VK56 inside the bell housing. Changing flywheel, clutch or bell housing for something a bit less ‘agricultural’ can cause you to lose this functionality. Put the crank trigger back where it belongs, on the front of the engine, with this bolt-on trigger wheel to suit Ross Performance Parts Harmonic Dampers.

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Crank Trigger Profile – Choose the number of teeth for your crank trigger disc.

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Nissan VK56DE Crank Trigger Disc – Retrofit

  • Manufactured from high carbon, ground steel plate
  • Tooth profile cut using a high precision wire cut EDM machine
  • CAD / CAM designed tooth profile compatible with GT101 and Cherry ignition sensors
  • A secure fit is assured with the use of anti-vibration safety washers (supplied)
  • Corrosion protected with a hot phosphate coating process
  • Finished with a high quality matte black paint
  • Can be fitted to your Ross Race Series damper at any stage of tune
  • Uses grade 10.9 or better hardware

Crank trigger sensor mounting brackets and sensor available separately.

Alternate tooth profiles available upon request.

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