Nissan VK56 Crank / Cam Trigger Dry Sump Kit (5 Stage)

$6,900.00 - $6,920.00 inc GST$6,900.00 - $6,920.00 ex GST

A Ross Performance Parts dry sump external oil pump kit providing a comprehensive solution for your Nissan VK56 engine with the integration of a high performance harmonic damper and trigger kit



Kit includes the following:

  • Nissan VK56 Metal Jacket Harmonic Damper (308200)
  • Nissan VK56 12T Crank Trigger Disc (308200-72-12T)
  • Nissan VK56 Crank Angle Sensor Mount (308200-75)
  • Honeywell GT101 Hall Effect Sensor (992GT101) OR Cherry Hall Effect Sensor (992CHERRY)
  • Nissan VK56 Billet Dry Sump (308000-11)
  • Aviaid 5 Stage External Oil Pump – LH Mounting with 1 x 1.5” Pressure and 1.75” Suction (9950511-3845)
  • Aviaid Dry Sump Tank – 3 Gallon Capacity (Aviaid Oil Tank 3GAL)
  • Nissan VK56 Oil Pump Left Hand Mounting Bracket (308000-18)
  • Universal Dry Sump Drive with Shield (991000)
  • 8mm HTD Oil Pump Pulley (19T with 1” bore) (991019)
  • 8mm HTD Oil Pump Pulley (38T with 5/8” bore) (991038)
  • Pulley Shields to suit 38T Pulley (991038-1)
  • 8mm HTD Oil Pump Drive Belt – 680mm x 20mm (993680-8M-20)

Note, to utilise this kit the air conditioning must be removed.