Nissan TB48 Gold Series Harmonic Damper

$920.00 AUD

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Our Nissan TB48 Gold Series Harmonic Damper is the highest performing damper we offer, taking the improved damping performance offered in the Race Series and adding the benefits of using a dissimilar material (compared to your crank) for our damper hub. This eliminates microscopic migration of material between the surfaces of the crank nose and damper hub, preventing galling and wear of the crank shaft and maintaining a secure press fit over the lifetime of the damper.

  • Rated for 1,000+hp
  • Ultra high-performance crank hub
  • Modular design to cater for varying pulley combinations and ratios whilst maintaining damping mass performance
  • Features 7% under-driven power steering pulley to protect power steering pump at high RPM
  • Assembly mass optimised for high RPM race applications
  • Designed and manufactured in-house using CMM, 3D modelling and state of the art CNC technology
  • Bonded using our proprietary Ross Tuffbond process incorporating anti-vibration, anti-tear natural rubber
  • Laser etched 360° timing marks
  • High-quality black finishes
  • Seamless integration with our trigger disc and dry sump drive adaptor
  • Utilises grade 10.9 or better hardware
  • Complies with SFI 18.1

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