Nissan SR20 RWD Crank / SR20 VE Cam Trigger Wet Sump Kit (Single Stage)

$4,062.00 - $4,082.00 AUD

A Ross Performance Parts wet sump external oil pump kit providing a comprehensive solution for your Nissan SR20 RWD / SR20 VE FWD head combination engine with the integration of a high performance harmonic damper and trigger kit



Kit includes the following:

  • Nissan SR20 RWD Race Series Harmonic Damper w Integrated Crank Trigger Disc (304501-12T/36T OR 304502-12T/36T )
  • Nissan SR20 RWD Crank Angle Sensor Mount (304501-75)
  • Honeywell GT101 Hall Effect Sensor (992GT101) OR Cherry Hall Effect Sensor (992CHERRY)
  • Nissan SR20 VE Cam Trigger (304003-73)
  • Nissan SR20 VE Cam Angle Sensor Mount w Cherry Hall Effect Sensor (304003-74 w 992CHERRY)
  • Aviaid Single Stage External Oil Pump – LH Mounting with 1 x 1.5” Pressure (9950110-3238)
  • Nissan SR20 RWD / GTiR AWD Oil Pump Left Hand Mounting Bracket (304001-18)
  • Nissan SR20 Oil Return Adaptor (Remote Oil Filter Set-up) (304001-25-1)
  • Universal Dry Sump Drive with Shield (991000)
  • 8mm HTD Oil Pump Pulley (19T with 1” bore) (991019)
  • 8mm HTD Oil Pump Pulley (38T with 5/8” bore) (991038)
  • Pulley Shields to suit 38T Pulley (991038-1)
  • 8mm HTD Oil Pump Drive Belt – 576mm x 20mm (993576-8M-20)

Note: This kit requires an SR20 VE head, fitment of kit does not require any modifications to head or block, to utilise this kit the air conditioning must be removed.

This Kit is designed to suit; Nissan SR20 S13 RWD / Nissan SR20 S14 RWD / Nissan SR20 S15 RWD block with a Nissan SR20 VE head.