Nissan SR20 GTiR AWD Crank / SR20 VE Cam Trigger Kit

$1,533.00 - $1,553.00 AUD

A Ross Performance Parts crank / cam trigger kit offering a complete solution to correct timing issues when using a Nissan SR20 GTiR block and SR20 VE head combination



Kit includes the following:

  • Nissan SR20 GTiR AWD Metal Jacket Harmonic Damper w Integrated Crank Trigger Disc (304204-12T OR 304204-36T)
  • Nissan SR20 VE FWD / GTiR AWD Crank Angle Sensor Mount (304203-75)
  • Honeywell GT101 Hall Effect Sensor (992GT101) OR Cherry Hall Effect Sensor (992CHERRY)
  • Nissan SR20 VE Cam Trigger (304003-73)
  • Nissan SR20 VE Cam Angle Sensor Mount w Cherry Hall Effect Sensor (304003-74 w 992CHERRY)

Note: This kit requires an SR20 VE head, fitment of kit does not require any modifications to head or block.