Nissan RB30ET Crank / Cam Trigger Kit

$1,946.00 - $2,253.00 AUD

A Ross Performance Parts Crank and Cam Trigger Kit offering a complete solution to correct timing issues associated with your Single Cam Nissan RB30 (Australia) engine.

Please select from the options below:

Damper Series – Choose which Tier of Ross Performance Parts Tuffbond Harmonic Damper suits your application.

Crank Trigger Profile – Choose the number of teeth for your crank trigger disc.

Sensors – Choose which style hall effect sensor you would like.

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Nissan RB30 (Australia) Single Cam Crank & Cam Tirgger Kit

Kit includes the following:

  • Nissan RB30 (Australia) Harmonic Damper with 12 or 36-2 Tooth Integrated Trigger Disc (306210-12T/36T OR 306510-12T/36T OR 306510GOLD-12T/36T)
  • Nissan RB Crank Angle Sensor Mount (306000-75) OR Nissan RB Crank Angle Sensor Mount to Suit Girdle (306000-75-SP1) SP1 mounting spigots are 10mm shorter than standard.
  • Nissan RB Single Cam Trigger (306010-73)
  • Nissan RB Billet Cam Gear Cover Plate (306010-13)
  • Nissan RB Cam Angle Sensor Mount (306000-74)
  • GT101 Hall Effect Sensors (992GT101) OR Cherry Hall Effect Sensors (992CHERRY)

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