Nissan RB26 R32 GTR 2WS HICAS Delete Pulley

$185.00 AUD

A press on pulley to compensate for power steering offsets when removing the HICAS system from your Nissan RB26 engine and utilizing the RB25DET power steering pump from the R33GTS-T.

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The Ross Performance Parts Nissan RB26 R32 GTR 2WS HICAS Delete Pulley compensates for the offset differential between the standard RB26 power steering pump and the standard RB25 power steering pump to enable you to remove the HICAS system whilst retaining the original RB26 power steering offsets

  • To Suit 4PK Belt Profile
  • Precision machined lightweight aerospace grade anodized aluminium pulley
  • Designed in house at Ross Performance Parts using CMM technology and 3D modelling
  • Pump must be disassembled for press on fitment on pulley to avoid damage to pump

Note; This pulley only compatible with R33GTST RB25DET Power Steering Pump and Bracket.