Nissan RB (Twin Cam) Head Drain Adaptor

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The Ross Performance Parts Nissan RB Twin Cam Head Drain Adaptor is designed to help prevent potentially dangerous amounts of oil from pooling in the back of the head.

Excessive top end oiling is an inherent design problem with the RB platform when the factory oil pump is upgraded or on engines that see sustained high RPM use. The oil drain holes in the head are too small to displace the increased amount of oil being delivered to the head.
This can at best lead to oil being lost through the cam cover vents and PCV system, through to a destroyed engine from oil starvation when all of the oil is stored in the cam covers instead of the sump!

RB20, RB25 and RB26 Cylinder Head

It’s recommended that engine builders install a correctly sized oil restrictor in the head when upgrading the oil pump which will further help reduce the risk of excessive top end oiling.

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Nissan RB Twin Cam Head Drain Adaptor for use with RB20, RB25 and RB26.

  • Fits into existing core plug hole at back of head. Requires drilling and tapping of 2x M6 holes for fastening
  • Low profile AN-8 long series fitting included to minimise external dimensions and allow ample firewall clearance 
  • Designed to allow the adaptor to be rotated for ease of hose routing
  • Integrated mesh screen filter which can also help diagnose potential valvetrain problems 

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