Nissan RB Power Steering Idler Assembly to suit HTD Belt

$280.00 AUD

A Ross Performance Parts idler assembly to suit HTD belt, providing increased belt wrap and improved reliability for your HTD power steering set-up on Nissan RB 25/26 engines.

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If aggressive driving is causing your power steering belt to part company with your pulleys, a Ross Performance Parts Nissan RB Power Steering Idler assembly may be your solution.

This power steering idler assembly is required when creating a single belt external oil pump and power steering set-up using Ross Performance Parts 38T HTD pulleys and 19T drive providing the correct level of belt wrap

  • Precision machined lightweight aerospace grade aluminium bracket and spacer
  • Designed in house at Ross using CMM technology and 3D modelling
  • Anodized gloss black for corrosion resistance
  • High quality bearing assembly
  • Uses grade 10.9 or better hardware

Note: This Assembly is designed to fit with a Ross Nissan RB25 Billet Power Steering Pump Bracket

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