Nissan CA18 / RB Cam Trigger Kit (Twin Cam)

$498.00 - $518.00 AUD

A Ross Performance Parts Cam Trigger Kit to assist in correcting timing issues associated with Nissan Twin Cam engines.

Please select from the options below:

Nissan CA18 / RB (Twin Cam) Cam Angle Sensor Kit

Kit includes the following:

  • Nissan CA18/RB Cam Angle Sensor Mount (306000-74)
  • Nissan CA18/RB Twin Cam Trigger (306000-73)
  • GT101 Hall Effect Sensor (992GT101) OR Cherry Hall Effect Sensor (992CHERRY)

This Kit is designed to suit the following engines; Nissan CA18, Nissan RB20DET, Nissan RB25, Nissan RB25 NEO, Nissan RB25 R33, Nissan RB26, Nissan RB26 R32 GTR, Nissan RB26 R33 GTR and Nissan RB26 R34 GTR.
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