Ford 4.0L SOHC (Triggered) Race Series Harmonic Damper

$598.00 AUD

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  • Rated for 1,000hp
  • Modular design to cater for varying pulley combinations and ratios whilst maintaining damping mass performance
  • Assembly mass optimised for high RPM race applications
  • Designed and manufactured in-house using CMM, 3D modelling and state of the art CNC technology
  • Bonded using our proprietary Ross Tuffbond process incorporating anti-vibration, anti-tear natural rubber
  • Laser etched 360° timing marks
  • High-quality black finishes
  • Seamless integration of Ross trigger disc and dry sump drive adaptor
  • Utilises grade 10.9 or better hardware
  • Complies with SFI 18.1

This product suits NF, EF, DF, AU & AU VCT (variable cam timing) models.

Note, as per OEM, design includes trigger.