Aviaid Fuel Pump Adaptor

$204.50 AUD

Aviaid Fuel Pump Adaptor for rear mounted mechanical fuel pump.


The Aviaid Mechanical Fuel Pump Adaptor allows you to drive your mechanical fuel pump using the rear accessory drive on Aviaid External Oil Pumps.


  • Not all Aviaid External Oil Pumps have provision for rear driven accessories as standard, however most can be retrofitted. Please contact us for more information.
  • Some mechanical fuel pumps will require an additional “Hex Drive Kit” to function correctly.
  • Ross Performance Parts does not stock Fuel Pumps


Aviaid Single Stage External Oil Pump with Aviaid Fuel Pump Adaptor mounted using Ross Performance Parts Universal Pump Spacer to our Nissan RB Billet Oil Pump Bracket. Waterman Mechanical Fuel Pump used as example.

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