New Packaging Solutions

Having customers around the world is something we are proud of here at Ross. We ship packages to the UK, US and into Scandinavia and Russia as well as all around Australia and to New Zealand. A big challenge with shipping precision parts is ensuring that they arrive at the desired destination in pristine condition. To address this, we have spent a some time investigating our packaging options, with the aim of finding a sustainable option that is recyclable and with minimal plastic. Cardboard boxes with custom cut outs was the solution.

Using our in house laser cutter/engraver we are able to cut custom cardboard inserts for each part, holding the part secure and providing a crush zone should the box encounter any rough handling during transit. 

The laser engraver also provided our branding solution in the form crisp line art logo cut into the top of each box.

Ross Performance Parts Trigger Components Packaging
Ross Performance Parts Engine Accessories Packaging
Ross Performance Parts Dry Sump Packaging
Ross Performance Parts Engine Accessories Packaging