Cherry Hall Effect Sensor Specifications

The GS1005-1007 series gear tooth sensors are Hall Effect devices designed for use in applications where ferrous edge detection or near zero speed sensing (without power up recognition) is needed. Current sinking output requires the use of a pull up… Continue reading

Oiling Systems

An engine must be lubricated for smooth, efficient performance, and an oiling system addresses this need. There are two main types of oiling systems, a wet sump and a dry sump. Continue reading

Trigger Systems

Precision ignition timing is essential for high-performance engine tuning and ensuring your engine is delivering every horsepower within its capability. Continue reading

Harmonic Dampers

The harmonic damper, also known as a crankshaft pulley, harmonic balancer, crankshaft damper, torsional damper or vibration damper, is a potentially confusing and often misunderstood part, but is a critical component to your engines longevity and performance. Continue reading